On Friday 14 September 2018 the ‘’Scot Carrier’’ BN746  was successfully launched at Shipyard Royal Bodewes Groningen.

The Scot Carrier has a length of 89.98 meters and a width of 15,20 meters. The Scot Carrier is the first ship of a series of five which Helder & May received the order for.

Helder & May was responsible for the supply and installation of the Nautec A60 deckfloors in the ship in a total of 370 m².

The Scot Carrier is built to comply with all the latest legislation including provisions to be ready for the ballast water treatment system, when they become applicable. The ship will be sailing under the British Flag and classed under Lloyd’s Register. The Scot Carrier will have a hold depth of just under 9 metres as well as being container fitted and ice class 1B which is important for the Baltic customers.