Nautec VDC ship’s floor

Nautec VDC sound absorption layer

PUR visco elastic sound absorption layer for clean metal decks (inside and outside). The coating protects against corrosion, is not easily flammable and consists of two flexible components. A layer of polyurethane or metal plates can be applied on top of the visco elastic layer.


Sound insulating
Vibration insulating
Resistant against sea water
Corrosion resistant
Conform MED 96/98/EC

Packaging: 12.2 kg component A + 1 kg component B

Preparation of substructure: the steel has to be dry and clean. Substances like oil and grease have to be removed.

Technical properties:

Layer thickness: min. approximately 0.5 mm
Processing time: approximately 40 min at 20° C
Walkable: after approximately 24 hours at 20° C
Ready to be covered: after approximately 24 hours at 20° C
Density: approximately 1.4 kg / l
Hardness: approximately 40 A
Processing temperature: min. 5° C – 30° C max 80% air humidity
End strength tensile force on sandblasted steel: 2.5 mm²
Storage life: 12 months

Tools: drill, mixer, trowel (Pajarito 23 or B4)
Approved by: Germanischer Lloyd, Luxembourg

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