Ship yards, shipping companies, and joinery companies

We work for ship yards, shipping companies, and joinery companies. Because we have been in business for almost 75 years, there are a lot of customer with whom we have been doing business for years. There is a friendly, informal atmosphere with these relationships. Whatever happens; they know they can count on us. And that naturally also applies to our new customers!

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– Royal Bodewes B.V.
– IHC Holland B.V.
– Willemsen Interieurbouw & scheepsbetimmering B.V.
– CKT Projects B.V.
– Hoop Lobith International B.V.
– Jan de Nul N.V.
– Hoogendoorn maritieme betimmeringen en interieurbouw B.V.
– Aannemingsbedrijf Hoogvliet Offshore B.V.
– Scheepstimmerbedrijf IJtama B.V.
– Maaskant Shipyards B.V.
– Wil-Arn B.V.
– Crown Deck Italia S.R.L.

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