RC Screed TT

Herculan RC Screed TT is a synthetic floor system that has been developed to insulate, level and defrost ship decks. And for the anti-drumming of ship decks.
Herculan RC Screed TT is mainly applied to luxury ships and yachts.
Herculan RC Screed TT is a subfloor which has to be overlayed by a finishing layer (such as carpet, tiles, etc.).
The system was originally developed for the Lowerdeck of the Rijn-passenger vessels, in order to prevent moisture on the floor.
It is also an excellent acoustic system, as well as having a deadening effect. An anti-drumming system


The system has an average layer thickness of 10 mm and has a black colour.
Weight 1 kg/mm/m².
Sound results can be requested.

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