Nautec SX ship’s floor

Nautec SX [A-60 class floating floor]

A60 class floating underfloor, fire-resistant according to IMO SOLAS A 754 (18). The Nautec SX ship’s floor has a very short drying time. Under normal circumstances, these floors can be walked on after three hours. The total thickness is approximately 60 mm.

Preparation of substructure: the steel has to be completely dry and clean. Oil, grease and other substances have to be removed.


Approved by: Bureau Veritas (certificate 09886 / A1 EG)
Det Norske Veritas (certificate F-16184)
China Classification Society (HBT00510063)

Flexural strength

Mixing ratio 1:4
after 1 day: 4 N/mm²
after 3 days: 5 N/mm²
after 28 days: 7 N/mm²

Compressure strength

after 1 day
after 3 days
after 28 days 20 N/mm²
25 N/mm²
35 N/mm²

Technical properties

Approximate weight: 63 kg / m²
Approximate tensile strength: 7 N / mm²
Walkable: after 3 hours (20 °C)
Pressure strength: 35 N / mm²
K value: 0.99 W / m² K
Calculated frequency unloaded: 66 Hz
Calculated frequency loaded: 58 Hz
Color: Dark grey

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