New build & repair

Need a floor system? Discover how quick we are!

New build and repair of ship’s floors

No bureaucracy for us! Time is money, and that is why we make sure that we can quickly start working on a project. When you call today, we immediately arrange for the right people and material. We are located in the Netherlands, but we have enough flexibility to be able to send someone to the other side of the world tomorrow. There is nobody who can deliver as quickly as we can!

Delivery within 24 hours

We are able to deliver a floor within 24 hours. Within that day, the material is delivered, a present floor can be demolished, the new floor is installed and finished with an upper floor finish. Because of the short drying time, the new floor can be walked on after as little as eight hours!

Special wishes

Because we manufacture our floor systems ourselves, we are able to deliver made-to-measure floors. Is the standard size giving you problems with the height? We have the capability to realize the difference of those couple of centimeters. And if you are looking for a unique finish, we are also the right company for the job. Imagine having tiles in a desired pattern, so that you can continue your own house style in the floor.

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